Hypnosis is considered to be a core part of the bimbofication process. Though there are some that disagree (and I will blog about that here soon) there are a ton of people who have made hypnosis files of all types for aspiring bimbos. I love checking out different files and I have 5 of my favorites listed here for you!

To be fair, I am cis female and most of these files reflect that. However, there are a ton of feminization files available online for men who would like to be transformed into women. I’m not sure if there are files available for transwomen, but it would be an amazing niche if anyone wanted to get into it.

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How to Use Hypnosis Files

A lot of files don’t have instructions, which I find a bit careless if they are supposed to be as powerful as they say. With that I would recommend having a person who knows what you are doing. Check in with them often to make sure you are ok. Only use them as much as you are able to safely dumb down.

I like using these files when I edge (more on edging right here) and workout. Some people like to use them when they sleep. I can’t sleep at all when I do that and it makes me much more irritable than relaxed. Do what works best for you. To each their own.

Also, to be the most effective, you should use one file for a month or so, then move on to the next one. That way it has time to settle in. Some people list what order the files should go in, try to go by that.

Different Types of Files

There is a variety of types of hypnosis files that people have made. You can pretty much look up any subject and find a ton of hypnosis files related to it. All have different effects and can be used in plenty of different ways. Here are a few of the ones I have noticed.


These are just voice based with music or porn sounds and little else in the background. The idea is that you know entirely what you are getting into by listening to them. This is supposed to make them much more effective than subliminal files. These tend to stick in my mind best. All of the videos that feature me using audio files are these files. Here is an example of how mantras affect me.

Overlaping Audio

These have voices and sounds that are heavily modified and stacked over each other to give a sense of confusion and daze to the listener. These are very good if you crave the confused feeling that is a staple of bimbo fiction. I’m amazed at the sheer amount of work that goes into these, from a technical standpoint. Some files also use binaural beats, which are tones that are supposed to activate certain centers of the brain. Similar to the mantras we talked about in meditation, these should affect a person at their core.

My 5 Favorites

Empty Mantra – Probably the file I have used the absolute longest. Its probably one of the purest form of a mantra file that I’ve seen so far. Its stuck in my head a lot, especially when I edge. All of his files are great, you should check them all out. All of these are going to be extremely dominant and focused on being a fuck hole as opposed to bubbly like other people’s files. He is also one of few people that has instructions with his files on his tumblr.

Pleasure Puppet (Patreon Only) – Honestly there are several of these I could put on the list (Cheer Squad, Cock Dumb, Mind Popper) but this one is definitely one I remember the most. Has a lot of overlapping sounds and words to make an amazing file you’ll barely remember, but will effect you for a long long time. He has put all his files on patreon only, and I can’t blame him for the sheer amount of work he does.

Bimbo Pride – Vive has a HUGE and extensive collection of files, so if you are looking for anything at all in particular, definitely check him out. Use the search at the top unless you just want to browse the hundreds of files he has. Instead of a repeating phrase with sounds like most of these are, this is a full hypnosis session where he leads you through from start to finish. He does have a strong german accent, so that may be distracting to some.

Bimbofication Morning Ritual – Bimbo Sounds had showed me that he had a few bimbo songs on his channel, but never showed me he had any files! I just discovered this one and I really like it! I’m hoping to integrate it into my morning routine very very soon. You should also definitely check out the songs on his channel because they are insanely creative and really really good!

Porn Addict Brainwash Program – Something a little different, these files are supposed to make you addicted to porn. I have to say these by far make me the absolute horniest I’ve ever been, and they are a lot of fun. There is a full series of these here. To warn you, these are specifically for people with cocks (I personally do not have one), but that is easy to overlook.


There is a wide variety of files out there for people who want to be more bimbo like or who just want to have a little sexy fun with something different. Everyone looks for something different in audio files, so try as many different things as you can. You’ll definitely find something that you love! I hope I at least gave you a very good start!

Do you like any of these files? Which ones are your favorites? Are there any others you would recommend? Comment below and let me know!