The first thing a lot of people talk about when it comes to being a bimbo is having an empty mind and or being dumb. I’ve also seen a number of mantras, audio files and general advice to get to bimbo mindlessness on my journey. (I list my favorites in this post!) This sort of thing was floating around in my mind as I went through some of the books on my shelves the other day. I came across a book on zen and meditation, and was amazed that there are a lot of similarities to the mindlessness and mantras of becoming a bimbo and zen buddhism.

Meditation and Emptying the Mind

Of course, a lot of people believe that the core of being a bimbo is an empty head. In fact, most mantras revolve around putting the bimbo-in-training into a dumb, blank state. Oddly, meditation also focuses on letting thoughts float in and out of your mind, without any particular focus towards one thought or another. Maybe thats why I get so horny any time I try to meditate!

Honestly, a lot of zen meditation practices can really help with the calm and relaxed energy that a bimbo is known to have. Also, if you are focusing on not being attached to any thoughts (or something like that), you can really appear to be dumb.


I think we’ve all seen those silly movies where a wise sage gives the young apprentice a mantra to chant to achieve enlightenment. From my research, these mantras are suppose to use sound to “to penetrate the depths of the unconscious mind and adjust the vibration of all aspects of your being.” Sounds like an amazing transformation if used regularly, right? 

There are a wide variety of bimbo mantra and hypnosis files. While none use the sound of words and how they vibrate internally (though holy shit, that sounds like an amazing project) a lot use overlapping sounds and/or binaural beats in order to get deep inside your head. Mantras tend to effect me very very well, as you can see from this video.

Living Moment By Moment

I’ve also heard that one of the best ways to achieve a very bimbo mindset is to literally focus on each activity completely as you are doing it. So if you are washing dishes you would focus entirely on how each dish feels in your hand, the act of soaping each individual dish, and then rinsing and drying each dish. You would focus on all your senses; taste, touch, sight, sound and smell. The theory is that your brain can only think about one thing at a time, so if you were putting all your attention on your senses, you wouldn’t be thinking of anything else.

This is called mindfulness in zen teachings, and is practiced constantly. Being completely devoted to each moment and not worrying about the future or past is a very very bimbo state of mind. Maybe those who are trying to relax are really just trying to get to that bimbo state? It makes me wonder if there are any meditation retreat bimbo fiction.

Attention To The Body

Although I won’t tell you that zen buddhism has the same outlook on sexuality as bimbos, the attention to the body and health is something to think about. Zen teachers believe the body, mind and spirit are not separate things, but all part of the same being and very connected. Working out in some form or fashion is considered part of connecting with your body and building awareness that is part of living in the moment.

I would argue that no one has more body awareness or lives life entirely aware of the sensations in her body than the bimbo. So many stories center around the strange erotic tingly feeling a woman feels before her amazing transformation. Soon she is entirely in her body so to speak, and not worried about anything else.

I also believe that the process towards a perfect body is a journey towards enlightenment on its own, one that is carefully developed with extreme precision. Focus like that may be enough to clear the mind alone.


Giving and being kind hearted is a big key to zen buddhism as it is for many religions. Usually this giving is shown as a vow of poverty, a pacifist lifestyle, donating money or time, or even down to adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet.

The bimbo has a different view of being generous. To her, showing off her stunning body is a gift for everyone to enjoy. Beauty is important in the world and she exists to make the world a more beautiful place. Tons of selfies, social media posts and tiny outfits when she goes out are all her little gifts to the world.

Of course, we would also consider the bimbo to be submissive, so she is always selfless and happily giving to whomever has the pleasure of being her keeper. Whether it is all her holes or just keeping the house clean, she’s a very generous pet. I played around with lip plumping as part of my pursuit to the perfect body, and it was a huge eye opener.


While not a perfect match, an aspiring bimbo could learn a lot from zen buddhist teachings. They have been practicing the art of living in the moment and non thinking for centuries and a bimbo always loves a bit of direction. If they focus on meditation, they can easily learn to let thoughts go. If they find the right mantras, they can easily penetrate the core of their being. Living in each moment and giving full attention to the body can really create the calm sense of mindlessness that bimbos are trying to achieve.

Do you think mindlessness is an important part of being a bimbo? How do you achieve that state? Are buddhist practices a good match for aspiring bimbos? Comment below and let me know what you think!