What is Free Use?

I had read a little bit about free use from a friend of mine who talked about her own experience with it. I normally would consider myself a bit shy, but I was very turned on by the idea. The concept of free use is simple. It is a fetish where a person is available for sexual use by one or more people at all times. Sometimes this is just a set block of time, sometimes all the time. Its definitely something that needs to be negotiated. Make sure your partner understands your boundaries. I would only do this with someone I trusted and knew for a while.

My Free Use Fantasy

The fantasy I think about most is being at home and in the kitchen. The guy bends me over and starts fucking me while grabbing my tits. My brain goes blank. I think about how good of a fuckbot I am. Repeating in my mind constantly is the words “I am to be used.” I start drooling and my eyes roll back.

I also think about being in the car. He lifts up my skirt and starts fingering me. I moan as my pussy gets wetter and wetter. I am to be used. Good girls are used.

In the elevator, he grabs my tits and starts teasing my nipples. My eyes roll back in my head. My brain is gone. I almost forget to pull my top back up after he’s done with me. I am a good porn doll.

The constant teasing seems to ruin me. I become more and more bimbo in a constant attempt to be used again. I’ve been completely ruined by him. I am to be used.