There’s a strange story I never mentioned when telling the tale of how I met my friend. I was dating another person at the time, and some people say that my friend hypnotized me into leaving him! I’ll tell you the story and see what you think.

Coming Over

Another odd thing I had left out was that my boyfriend and I had invited him over to teach us how to tie. He said he had done a lot of rope work before and had taught others how to tie. I was excited but a little nervous. I had asked my boyfriend before the guy arrived what I should wear to be tied up. My boyfriend was very uncomfortable and at the very minimum wanted me to wear a bra and panties.

My friend (we’ll call him T from now on) came over and I asked how much I needed to wear to be tied up. T said that naked was best. My boyfriend immediately wanted to talk to me alone and was very hesitant about it, but finally gave in and let me be naked. T was very professional as he taught us how to tie and put me in a very cute harness. They took a few photos and then T mentioned that if you used a hitachi it would be very fun.

He then said he had a hitachi in his car and that my boyfriend should go get it. Oddly, my boyfriend agrees.

Left Alone

So now I am alone, tied up on the couch with T sitting on the loveseat. He asks if I am comfortable, and I reply that I’m about as comfortable as I can be while completely tied up. We then talk a bit, about different tv shows and random stuff like that. Honestly I don’t remember a lot of the conversation now, it makes my head hurt to think about.


Boyfriend returns with the hitachi and T shows him how easy it is to use on the ropes between my legs. It definitely feels nice. I get untied, we all talk a bit more and he leaves to another sexy appointment.

Afterwards its pretty much as I described in my post. We talk a lot, then finally meet….