The Lovence Lush is a vaginal vibrator that you can use yourself using the button on it, or by using the cell phone app. You can control it yourself or set it to music. The really fun part begins when you give someone else the ability to control it by sending a code (or using a cam site that uses it!) I decided it would be amazing to give it a go out in public! I gave the controls to a good friend of mine and we had some fun.

Setting Up The Fun

The Lovence Lush is pretty easy to use. Just turn it on and let your partner download the app. Then when they use bluetooth to find the device, they are good to go. When I suggested I wanted to try it, I wanted to see if it would make me dumb and horny in public. He happily agreed to see if I could be a good dummy for the day.


We first went out to get some dinner. The car ride was very mind numbing. There isn’t a lot to think about when you are riding in a car, and something buzzing inside you makes it very easy to go blank. There are multiple levels you can use with the lush, and luckily none of them make a lot of noise when inside you. This makes it very fun for our day out.

It was so hard to figure out what to order! Or hold a conversation for that matter. I managed to navigate my way through it in a big haze. My friend found it very funny and started to get a bit curious on how far we could go.


We went out shopping afterwards, and to be honest, I can’t even remember what I got. I know I needed makeup, maybe I got that? He turned the lush on high a few times while we were in the makeup store, and I had to try with all my might not to react. He did it as I went up to the counter too, and I got really confused about counting out how much I owed.

We then went to another store that was much bigger. He went off to a different part of the store, and the Lovence Lush disconnected. My brain suddenly came on like a light bulb. How weird!! I felt so aware! It was good because I don’t know if I should have been alone and so dumb. However, I felt sad because the feeling was so good.

Going Home

Of course he came back and resynced the device so I was a dumb drooling mess all the way home. I absolutely had to cum once I got home, which seemed to get rid of the haze. It was a lot of fun, and I’d love to see what it would be like if I did it for longer!