A lot of people in bimbofication, although they like the fetish of hypnosis, don’t believe it works in real life. Based on the amount of guys who ask me if I’ve ever been hypnotized for real, most people at least believe its possible temporarily.

Temporary Hypnosis

A lot of people say anything you are entirely immersed in is a form of hypnosis. While I disagree with that, I think if you are willing and without trauma, short term hypnosis is very possible. If its considered “real” or not I have no idea, but it is possible to relax and go deep.

Long Term Hypnosis

Hypnosis or mind control that changes you I think is a bit harder. I think you have to be very isolated from other influences and have some things that make your mind weaker like sleep deprivation or hunger. Its obviously not a very safe or humane thing to do, so I wouldn’t consider doing it in real life.


Do you think hypnosis is possible?