A friend of mine gave me a VR headset as a gift. You might have seen on tumblr I was looking for a few videos that were split screen for a VR device. I ended up playing around and finding a spiral that had the split screen effect that I edited to add one of the mantras I used before.

So I sat down with one of my guy friends and planned to be tied up and use the VR device. I was in a special chair that propped my ass up just for the occasion and I got tied to it. Unable to move, he put on the headset and speakers.

My pussy immediately got wet as I fell deeper and deeper into trance. Soon he put his cock in my open drooling mouth. I eagerly began to suck, something, anything filling the blank space in my head. Cock was all I could think of. How I need to suck it, serve it, obey it. I have no idea how long that went on. I’m sure my wet pussy was irresistible, and the next thing I know his dick was deep inside it. My brain exploded as he pumped in and out of me. I could have done that for years. A stupid fuck doll.

He finally came and used the vibrator on my aching clit. I came so hard!

I would definitely do it again, but I’d love to find a new file to play with. Feel free to show me what you have!