Guys ask me a lot what I think about when I masturbate. It depends on whatever I’m into at the time to be honest. Its definitely always something to do with hypnosis, which I think may make some people feel weird. This is the current one I think about a lot:

Being woken up in the morning. I’m not sure why I wouldn’t try to escape given the rest of the story, but I don’t. I guess its because its not sexy if I run off, and sexy stories aren’t always accurate. The guy leads me to the tv. Its swirling and spinning on the screen immediately sends me into a trance. My panties get wet, and soon the couch does too. Sometimes in my story, I masturbate. He goes to work and leaves me there. Dumb and blank and wet for hours. I usually cum just at the thought of that.

I think most guys would fuck me over and over when they got home, then put me back in front of the tv before bedtime. I guess thats not practical for everyday, but it still really makes me horny.