As I had said before, I was planning on trying out free use with a guy friend of mine. I was mostly scared that he would want to fuck or tease me in public. Not being able to do anything about that seemed pretty scary.

I now know that its kinda hot.

At first it was as expected. We fucked every where at home, pretty much constantly. Soon that novelty wore off. At least once a day I was getting groped or fucked, but not really anywhere that was scary to me. I started to let my guard down a bit.

We went to dinner the other night. Nothing major, just some drinks at a pub with a little bit of food to keep the beers from hitting too hard. Its busy for a Wednesday, mostly because they were having a special brewing night. I’m always wearing skirts now, and he leans over to tell me something.

“Take off your panties.”

I turn red as I realize this is it. He could make me bend over this table right now and fuck me in front of everyone. And I’d comply.

I pretty easily and discreetly got the panties off and flashed them to him for a second before shoving them into my purse. Surprisingly that was the only thing he asked me to do at the bar. He had me masturbate on the way home as I told him how embarrassed I was.

I think its only a matter of time before we do something in public.