I’ve seen a lot of posts that have bimbos using one or two sound words. I know someone said that it makes you think more, not less. I kind of agree, if you use it while writing. I think when you use it in normal speech, it sounds more dumb. Like you have to think of what you want to say.

(Also, I’m trying it now and most words are not that big. Hmm.)

I’ve also seen ones where um you have to say “um” for every forth or fifth um word. That is very um very hard to do talking um. I think I like using like the word “like” instead because like it sounds dumb instead of like shy and very close to like what I already do now. Like fuck, I almost used a like 3 sound word. Ugh, like I almost missed a like!

Like now all I need is some like gum and I’ll be like set!