My daily routine has changed so much since I have become a dumb bimbo. Now I get up and head straight to the pool to go lay out in the sun. Listening to my mantras and other dumb stuff on youtube, I lay out for a little while then go inside to get ready for the day. I take a few sexy selfies and post them everywhere before I get ready to figure out what nasty porn to film for my happy viewers. Then I film a few scenes and upload them to lots of places so everyone can see what a dumb bimbo slut I am. The whole time posting to snapchat and instagram of course. Then I get on cam so I can fuck my huge dildo for them and show them how horny and stupid I’ve become. I finally go to sleep early in the morning after playing all night on cam. Some nights I just upload videos and try to write blogs instead. It takes a lot of focus, especially because my pussy always gets so wet. I get very distracted. Oh well!