Being a bimbo is hard work! There are a lot of things that make up a bimbo, but these are the ones I wish I had started sooner.


Edging is super fun and amazing, but I really didn’t see results until I did it regularly. Theres just something about being horny all the time that turns you into a sexy dummy. I love it!

Getting Comfortable Being Seen As Dumb

This was tough for me. I hated when people corrected me or acted like I had no idea what I was talking about. But relaxing and just getting comfortable being dumb actually was a big change in my life. A weird side effect is that it made me even hornier! Who knew?

Dressing Up Daily

Most people, including me, dress up for special occasions. But it wasn’t until I wore makeup and dressed up every day, even when I was in the house, that I really behaved differently. I really feel more like a bimbo when I’m dressed all cute as opposed to sloppy just because I’m not going out that day. It really helps!

What do you think bimbos should do before anything else?