Doing things like dressing super sexy can be so scary at first! That’s why I use these different ways to conquer my fears of doing more bimbo things.

Go Slow

Take your time and work your way up to extreme things. A little more makeup, a little shorter skirt, a little higher heel. Soon you’ll be a sexy bimbo before you know it! This is also a great way to introduce bimbo stuff to others, because soon they will just get used to this being the way you are. Frog in boiling water and all that.

Try It Somewhere New First

You can also try out your new outfits or personality somewhere completely different than where you usually go. If you’ll never see the people you run into again, who cares what they think of you?

Do It With Friends

Friends make everything better! Have a fun group of bimbo friends to go out with and you’ll be much more confident in dressing sexy and enjoying yourself.

Jump Right In!

Sometimes you’ve just got to jump in and do it. This is obviously the scariest option but can totally work if you need to get over it fast. I believe in you!

What do you think is the best way to fight bimbo fears?