It’s so hard to be a bimbo, but I think thats part of the fun. Not everyone wants to do it. And not everyone can. But for those who can stay focused and work hard, the sky is the limit! Here’s some things I think are the best pieces of bimbo advice.

Focus on doing a little more each day

Wear more makeup, dress nicer, choose heels. These are just a few things you can put your attention on each day as you become more bimbo-like. It won’t be perfect at first, but if you watch youtube videos and check out pinterest for ideas, you’ll get better. Practice makes perfect!

Check out wish and aliexpress

There are lots of sites where you can buy makeup, wigs and clothing for way cheaper. I like wish and aliexpress. The shipping is a little slow but if you plan ahead you can get some great stuff. Then you can put your savings towards things you can’t skimp out on, such as surgery.

Get into edging

Edging is such an amazing motivator and will make you eager to be a dumb doll in a matter of days. I talk a lot about edging on my free videos on manyvids, if you want to hear how much I love edging!

Cut out news shows

The news gets you in such a grumpy mood, and thats the worst! Avoid all that and focus on being pretty. Besides, no one really asks your opinion on all that once you level up. 😉


It takes time to become the person you want to be. So relax! You’ll get there. You can do this!

What advice would you consider the best bimbo advice?