I wanted to tell you guys a few things I’ve learned over the time I’ve been working on becoming a bimbo. So here are a few confessions.

It’s Tiring

It’s tiring to always be happy. People can be mean, bills exist, sometimes bad things just happen. And even an empty headed doll like me can become sad about it. I have to push through it though and keep being the happy shiny barbie everyone loves.

Sometimes I Don’t Feel Like Doing It

Sometimes I’m sick. Or just tired. Or it’s raining. Or cold. Its hard to want to get dressed up and do my hair and makeup daily. Working out is hard, food is tasty, and all of this is expensive. But the result is worth it so I push on.

It Is Insanely Satisfying

I love every moment of looking in the mirror and seeing a cute doll looking back. I love when guys buy videos that I really loved making. I love that you guys have the same fetish as me, when I used to feel all alone. It keeps me going everyday!

So in the end its not all bad. I push and push and its all worth it. I guess thats my big confession! 🙂