Being a bimbo seems so hard! But there are a few easy things you can do that will instantly give you a quick start to becoming the barbie girl you’ve always wanted to be!


Wigs are the easiest and fastest way to change up your hair without too much work. Long and blonde should be what you look for. If you go to amazon, check out the reviews. You can also go to a wig shop and try some on, but they will be a bit more expensive.


Go to Sephora or a makeup counter and have someone do your makeup. Take a photo of your fave bimbo girl for a reference. This way you know what products to get and how to use them. Be honest about your budget and be prepared to buy at least something for their time. Then practice practice practice!


A lot of sites like amiclubwear sell sexy dresses and heels at a great price. Get one good basic but sexy outfit. Makeup and hair help a lot when you are trying to be bimbo, but you’ll want at least one good outfit to start.


I’ve mentioned it before but some of the key things to jumpstart your personality are edging and going slow. The more you get used to people seeing you this way, the more comfortable you’ll feel. Practice makes perfect!

If you have any good tips, let me know!