I want to be your trainer/hypnotize you/fuck you. How can I do this?
By getting to know me. Getting shows or buying custom videos is the best way to do this. Guys who regularly buy shows or customs can talk to me pretty much whenever they want.

Why did you leave instagram/pornhub/my fave site?
It was all too overwhelming. Focusing on a few key things gives you better content and makes me happier.

Do you plan on getting surgery?
Yes, but I'm unsure of the date as of right now. If you'd like to accelerate that process, feel free to contact me.

How big do you plan to go on your lips and boobs?
Honestly I have no idea. I'd love to make both my lips and my boobs huge but I also need to talk to my doctor to ensure we do that as safely as possible.

Can you make me into a bimbo?
I'm not a very dominant person, but I can explain my process in detail in a paid session if you'd like. Otherwise there are tons of free resources on reddit and other places.